Access Control

Variety of access control options allow for  restricting entrance to a property, a building or a room to unauthorized persons or allow for access to preapproved areas, while helping to keep residents safe by preventing access to unauthorized areas. 

We offer access control solutions with a complete lineup of devices from multi-door control panels and card readers to standalone, fingerprint, video, time and attendance, and facial recognition terminals.

Entry System/Intercom

We offer different solutions for entry systems and intercoms.

Answer your door from anywhere with new IP video intercom solutions.

Smart solutions for your door entrance that can be used as a stand-alone unit, or can be fully integrated.

Solutions that offer a door station and indoor stations. The user conveniently answers the door at the indoor station and can unlock the door with a simple push of a virtual button on their touchscreen.

 Make room-to-room audio calls between indoor stations. 

Solutions that supports up to 500 apartment units, and 

Facial Recognition.

Conference Room

We offer a wide range of communication equipment that work together to create a fully integrated commercial conferencing solutions, whether is a small room or a large video conference system.

We can design and install your conference or multipurpose room based on your needs.

We can create the ideal space in your company or business, where you can implement and analyze strategies with your work group or employees, both in the facility or anywhere  in the world with tool such as online video conference, products and technologies that will help take your business into the next level.

Commercial Audio

We offer a wide selection of commercial audio speakers, whether you need in-ceiling, pendant or surface mount speakers, we can install the right distributed audio system, so you can access your favorite music.

You will be able to access sources or navigate through your playlist on your touchscreens, remotes, phones or tablets.

Commercial Displays

We install TVs and commercial displays, including projectors and screens. Whether you need one or more than one, we are ready to serve you the best.

Digital Signage

The easiest and most effective way to promote and offer personalized digital advertising in your business, and we can offer products and services, manageable from and anywhere in the world.

Video Wall

A video wall consists in multiple commercial monitors tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.

Create the immensity of images on your video wall without size limitations and with the highest quality resolution.

We can design and build your video wall based on you needs.


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