Our Services

Pro Solutions Design is a home automation company that offers a variety of services to meet your smart home solutions and intelligent business solutions needs.

We believe that every project should be treated as if we were planning on moving in ourselves.

While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with all sorts of smart home solution services.

Check out our services below to help you meet your needs.

Access Control

access control, security system

We offer solutions with a complete lineup of devices.

Multi-door control panels

Card readers

Standalone units


Video, time and attendance

Facial recognition terminals

Hands Free, No Contact, Access Control Solution

We can facilitate easy, barrier-free entry and access in any facility with our selection of touchless access control solutions.

Conference Room

conference room, audio, video, network, and security systems.

We offer a wide range of communication equipment that works together to create fully integrated commercial conferencing solutions.

Whether is a small or a large room video conference system.

We can create the ideal space in your company or business.

From commercial projectors, video wall projectors, surface mount wired mics, in-wall/ceiling, and on-wall speakers, displays, and screens.

Pro Solutions Design, have every professional and commercial AV solution you need.

Our solutions ensure you are covered for every type of facility and application.

Entry Systems/Intercom

access control, entry system, intercom, and security system.

A designed system that fits any application, single home, multi-tenant buildings, or commercial space.

Single home, your home connected to your smartphone.

You can see who is ringing at your door, from the simple doorbell to the most modern video entry system.

Answer from home or away with the free iOS or android app.

Solutions for multi-tenant buildings that are customizable to a countless number of users. 

Answer calls from the main door on your smartphone, or tablet with an app.

We have intelligent solutions for commercial spaces, that range from pc applications to video intercom stations.

Home Automation

home automation such as audio, video, network, lighting, and security systems.

Home Automation is the control and automation of lighting, cooling, audio, video, and security systems, as well as home appliances.

Imagine your life more convenient, your home safer, comfortable, and easy to enjoy.  

We can design the ultimate connected home.

By adding smart devices and customizing setup, we can give you the technology you need for a unique, personalized, and secure home experience.

Home Theater

home theater, audio, and video.

We always take into consideration every aspect of the project when designing a home theater system.

To deliver a very powerful and emotional experience.

We can recreate in your home a cinema sound revolutionized by the new technology Dolby Atmos.

Lighting Control

lighting control, lighting, switches, and dimmers.

We can transform a room or your whole house, to entertain and relax with control at your fingertips.  

Manage individual loads or a group of lights.

Automatic control by timers and clocks, sunrise/sunset events. 

Verify or change status remotely.

Perform adjustments of light levels.

Scene lighting sets the mood and improves aesthetics.

Don’t ever walk into a dark home again.

Multi-room Audio

multiroom audio, audio, speakers, and wireless speakers.

Multi-room audio is the ability to listen to music in several rooms.

Depending on the system you choose, you’ll either be able to play different music in different places at the same time or the same music in all rooms or just a couple simultaneously.​

We can install the right distributed audio system so that you can access your favorite music in one place or throughout your entire home.

You will be able to locate sources or navigate through your playlist on your touchscreens, remotes, phones, or tablets.

Network-Access Point

network, access point, wifi extenders, switches, routers.

In today’s world Network is the backbone.

Always on and available.​

The network is the bridge that supports, connects, and integrates devices, and should be scalable, reliable, and manageable.

A good system can be modified or expanded quickly to meet changing needs. In a scalable and modular network, components can be added or changed easily to match needs.​

We can design and build your network system to achieve the growing needs through its scalable and modular nature, increasing network sustainability.

There is a common misconception that wireless devices such as most phones, tablets, or laptops can achieve an actual Gigabit connection to a Wi-Fi access point.

We know that the available connection for most mobile devices is typically 30-40% of the negotiated connection rate.

The best way to achieve the highest connection rate is to have multiple Wi-Fi radios spread throughout the home to create a blanket of coverage.

This will guarantee a level of connectivity to make sure mobile devices can always perform their required tasks.

Surveillance Cameras

security camera, security system, surveillance cameras, wireless camera, wifi camera.

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, and your livelihood protected.

We can design and install your surveillance system based on your needs and priorities.

We provide professional surveillance systems that offer advanced technology for more reliability and effectiveness.

Our products ranges from analog, IP, or Wi-Fi cameras with end user app.

You can watch live feed or play-back recordings, so you don’t ever miss anything important.