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Our Services

You can count on PRO SOLUTIONS DESIGN to not only meet but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific service.

Home Automation

Home automation aims to combine entertainment and user-friendly smart home technology that delivers security and convenient comfort to its users.  Pro Solutions fusions the client’s specifications with such technology, security, and comfort.

Multi-room Audio

Pro Solutions offers audio equipment and installation in your home or business with capabilities to operate and transmit your favorite music, program, or recording in multiple rooms, simultaneously or independent from each other.  This can be achieved through custom hardware or using the latest wireless system…again, your choice.


Alone or indisposed at home? No problem.  An intercom system allows you to simply keep out unwelcomed individuals or interact to reschedule…your choice.

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

Outdoor lighting depends on your space and personal needs and taste.  Because each outdoor setting is different so are the landscape and architectural lighting products.  Each project is designed to target the desired result: safety, accessibility, security, recreation, host social events, etc. We offer a variety of options based on your necessity and attractiveness; light intensity, colors, temperatures, and design/finish, all with guaranteed quality, durability, and beauty. 

Security Systems

Alarms and cameras safeguard your property as well allow you to monitor any and all movement in your property and in the immediate surrounding areas, so why not invest in a cutting-edge and front-line system that prevent burglars and intruders to vandalize and threaten your safety?  Pro Solutions offers security systems with advanced smart homes control capabilities to keep you, your family and property safe, secured and monitored at all times. 


“Smart” blinds and shading control are a convenient and simple way to add both style and sophistication to any indoor and/or outdoor living space, home, or office.  With a wide variety of designs, prints, fabrics, and textures, a motorized window covering is an excellent choice to add flexibility and splash of character to any space.  

Pro Solutions’ shading system offers a new level of convenience that can be automatically set or synced with the sunlight.  It can be powered by a battery or by a low voltage system using a remote control, phone, infrared, or by wire, depending on your capabilities and preference.

Conference Room

Conference rooms are commonly used to conduct uninterrupted, undisturbed, and confidential business.  Pro Solutions is experienced in providing the AV technology needed to conform with the sound requirements and vision specifications to successfully conduct any meeting or event.


High energy bills and uncomfortable temperature settings are the most common issues our clients complain about when asked to assess their project.  Using energy-efficient equipment is, of course, part of the solution; but having a smart control system installed to automatically set your preferences and routine, is another level of convenience added to your savings. 

Home Theater

Paying close attention to your entertainment space and needs, and with the task of reproducing the theater experience to the home or business, Pro Solutions not only gives you the lighting, shading, and the right screen/projector, but also the most needed sound tuned to your comfort and ultimate experience. 

Access Control

By installing a user-friendly access control system in your home, office, building, or property, you can restrict the access of unauthorized individuals or personnel to areas containing confidential information, flammable products, dangerous machinery, etc. which can reduce your liability and avoid dangerous situations. 


Access Point.  An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network (WLAN) used as the bridge that supports, connects, and integrates multiple devices (over 60 simultaneous connections each).  WLANs are widely used in offices and large business settings, and in recent years, home offices and personal use have gained its attention.  A secure, reliable and the ability to hold simultaneous connections that shift from one access point to another without interruption is not only convenient and advantageous but also a necessity. 

What Our Clients Say


As part of a major home remodel I wanted to upgrade my home with automation, smart TVs, surround sound, etc. I searched online and found three companies that all provided quotes. From the first meeting, I was impressed with Eugenio of Pro Solutions Design. He helped by providing suggestions and clear, straightforward information on the pricing and the process so I chose Pro Solutions Design. Our installation and setup were made difficult by construction delays but Pro Solutions handled all of it flawlessly and worked together with my contractors for almost two months to get everything done. Eugenio worked tirelessly to make sure everything was installed correctly, working seamlessly, and that my wife and I knew how to use all the functions. He responds to messages immediately and stands by his products and installation. I highly highly highly recommend Pro Solutions Design.

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